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Court Operations Notice:

Effective June 6, 2022, the court's phone hours are Mon-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm. For faster service, please email the court at for the Nevada City clerk's office and for the Truckee clerk’s office. Due to staffing challenges, please expect longer wait times for processing of your documents.

COVID-19 Information:


Do not visit any Nevada County Courthouse if you have recently tested positive for COVID-19; have had direct exposure to someone known to have COVID-19; or if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, headache or shortness of breath. Instead, contact your attorney or call the court at (530) 362-4309 to arrange an alternative.

Local Forms

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Want to fill forms on-line?  Download and Use Free Acrobat Reader DC <available here>

Division Name Form Number Revision Date
Accounting Accounts Payable - Payee Data Record (in lieu of I9) AP-W9 8/1/2010
Civil Application to the Court to Approve Lis Pendens
- Optional Form
CIV1 7/1/2003
Civil Declaration in Support of Appearance by Individual Other than Plaintiff or Defendant (CCP 116.540)
– Optional Form
CIV3 7/1/2003
Criminal Collaborative Courts - DUI Court Referral DUIREF 2/03/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Mental Health Court Referral MHCREF 5/01/2019
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Addl' Conditions of Probation ADCPROB 9/22/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Contract ADCCTC 9/22/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Fourth Waiver & ECPA Search ADC4TH 9/22/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Application ADCAPP 5/01/2019
Criminal DUI Plea Advisement DUIPlea 4/07/2020
Criminal Counter Arraignment CNTARR 4/07/2020
Criminal Misdemeanor Plea Advisment MISPLEA 4/07/2020
Civil Stipulation and Order to Participate in ADR
– Optional Form
CIV6 7/1/2003
Civil Administrative Parking Appeal CIV7 7/1/2016
Civil Administrative Parking Appeal - Proof of Service CIV8 7/1/2016
Family Law Complaint Form - Child Custody Recommending Counseling CCRC-1 11/16/2016
Family Law Advisement of Rights, Waiver and Plea (Contempt) (Revised) – Mandatory Form FL-1 1/1/2008
Family Law Declaration re: Notice Upon Ex Parte Application for Orders – Optional Form FL-4 1/1/2019
Family Law Memorandum that Civil Case is At Issue
– Optional Form
FL-6 7/1/2003
Family Law Notice of Further Review Hearing and Promise to Appear (Revised) – Optional Form FL-8 1/1/2008
Family Law Petition for Grandparent Visitation Rights
– Optional Form
FL11 7/1/2003
Family Law Request for Setting Default or Uncontested Hearing
– Optional Form
FL12 7/1/2003
Family Law Stipulation – Optional Form FL14 7/1/2003
Family Law Request for Family Law Telephone Appearance and Order Thereon – Mandatory Form FL16 1/1/2019
Family Law Stipulation for Appointment of Commissioner as Temporary Judge – Optional Form FL17 4/01/2020
Family Law Status and Case Resolution Conference Questionnaire – Mandatory Form FL20 7/1/2014
Juvenile Casa Oath – Optional Form JV-1 7/1/2016
Juvenile Certification of Competency – Mandatory Form JV-2 7/1/2003
Juvenile Court Order Authorizing Limited Disclosure of Confidential Public Social Services’ Records
– Optional Form
JV-3 7/1/2003
Juvenile Court Order to Report for Financial Evaluation
– Optional Form
JV-4 7/1/2003
Juvenile Declaration for the Receipt of Confidential Juvenile Information – Optional Form JV-5 7/1/2003
Juvenile Declaration re: Notice of Ex Parte Application
– Mandatory Form
JV-6 7/1/2003
Juvenile Notice and Acknowledgment of Rights, Liabilities and Order to Appear for Financial Evaluation – Optional Form JV-7 4/1/2009
Juvenile Statement of Advisement and Waiver of Rights
– Optional Form
JV-8 4/01/2020
Juvenile Notice of Procedure for Lodging Complaints
– Mandatory Form
JV-9 7/1/2003
Juvenile Declaration for Access to Juvenile Case File in Possesion of Court JV10 4/01/2020
Criminal Certification of Compliance with Marsy’s Law
– Mandatory Form
CL1 4/01/2020
Criminal Prop 47 - Petition for Resentencing with Waiver P47 11/1/2014
Criminal Prop 47 - Response to Resentencing Petition CRM206 11/1/2014
Criminal Request for Installment Payments & Bail Forfeiture – Non-Traffic CL2 4/01/2020
Criminal Prop 64 - DA Response to Petition CR-187R 11/14/2016
Criminal Prop 64 - Order After Petition CR-188 11/14/2016
Criminal Failure to Pay - Application FTPAPP 06/2021
Criminal Failure to Pay – Order FTPORD 06/2021
Criminal Failure to Pay – Checklist and Information Sheet FTPINFO 06/2021
Criminal Failure to Pay Packet (FTP) – Financial Declaration FIN-DEC 07/2017
Civil Order Appointing Court Investigator (Revised)
– Mandatory Form
PR2 7/1/2003
Civil Transfer of Personal Property Without Administration (PC 13101) – Optional Form PR3 7/1/2003
Traffic Request for Continuance - Traffic TR3 4/01/2020
Admin Request for Interpreter Services INT1 4/01/2020
Admin Records Request Form - Case Records CRRF 12/31/2019
Admin Records Request Form - Administrative Records 10.500 12/31/2018
Admin Appointed Counsel and Expert Invoice INV-AC 07/06/2020
Traffic Request for Continuance - Traffic (Juvenile) TR4 4/01/2020

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