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Local Forms

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Division Name Form Number Revision Date
Accounting Accounts Payable - Payee Data Record (in lieu of I9) AP-W9 8/1/2010
Accounting Refund Request Form REF-1 9/11/2023
Civil Application to the Court to Approve Lis Pendens
- Optional Form
CIV1 7/1/2003
Civil Declaration in Support of Appearance by Individual Other than Plaintiff or Defendant (CCP 116.540)
– Optional Form
CIV3 7/1/2003
Criminal Collaborative Courts - DUI Court Referral DUIREF 2/03/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Mental Health Court Referral MHCREF 5/01/2019
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Addl' Conditions of Probation ADCPROB 9/22/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Contract ADCCTC 9/22/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Fourth Waiver & ECPA Search ADC4TH 9/22/2020
Criminal Collaborative Courts - Adult Drug Court Application ADCAPP 5/01/2019
Criminal DUI Plea Advisement DUIPlea 4/07/2020
Criminal Counter Arraignment CNTARR 4/07/2020
Criminal Misdemeanor Plea Advisment MISPLEA 4/07/2020
Criminal Defendant's Motion DEFMOT 11/11/2022
Civil Stipulation and Order to Participate in ADR
– Optional Form
CIV6 7/1/2003
Civil Administrative Parking Appeal CIV7 7/1/2016
Civil Administrative Parking Appeal - Proof of Service CIV8 7/1/2016
Family Law Complaint Form - Child Custody Recommending Counseling CCRC-1 11/16/2016
Family Law Advisement of Rights, Waiver and Plea (Contempt) (Revised) – Mandatory Form FL-1 1/1/2008
Family Law Declaration re: Notice Upon Ex Parte Application for Orders – Optional Form FL-4 1/1/2019
Family Law Memorandum that Civil Case is At Issue
– Optional Form
FL-6 7/1/2003
Family Law Notice of Further Review Hearing and Promise to Appear (Revised) – Optional Form FL-8 1/1/2008
Family Law Petition for Grandparent Visitation Rights
– Optional Form
FL11 7/1/2003
Family Law Request for Setting Default or Uncontested Hearing
– Optional Form
FL12 7/1/2003
Family Law Stipulation – Optional Form FL14 7/1/2003
Family Law Request for Family Law Telephone Appearance and Order Thereon – Mandatory Form FL16 1/1/2019
Family Law Stipulation for Appointment of Commissioner as Temporary Judge – Optional Form FL17 4/01/2020
Family Law Status and Case Resolution Conference Questionnaire – Mandatory Form FL20 7/1/2014
Juvenile Casa Oath – Optional Form JV-1 7/1/2016
Juvenile Certification of Competency – Mandatory Form JV-2 7/1/2003
Juvenile Court Order Authorizing Limited Disclosure of Confidential Public Social Services’ Records
– Optional Form
JV-3 7/1/2003
Juvenile Court Order to Report for Financial Evaluation
– Optional Form
JV-4 7/1/2003
Juvenile Declaration for the Receipt of Confidential Juvenile Information – Optional Form JV-5 7/1/2003
Juvenile Declaration re: Notice of Ex Parte Application
– Mandatory Form
JV-6 7/1/2003
Juvenile Notice and Acknowledgment of Rights, Liabilities and Order to Appear for Financial Evaluation – Optional Form JV-7 4/1/2009
Juvenile Statement of Advisement and Waiver of Rights
– Optional Form
JV-8 4/01/2020
Juvenile Notice of Procedure for Lodging Complaints
– Mandatory Form
JV-9 7/1/2003
Juvenile Declaration for Access to Juvenile Case File in Possesion of Court JV10 4/01/2020
Criminal Certification of Compliance with Marsy’s Law
– Mandatory Form
CL1 4/01/2020
Criminal Prop 47 - Petition for Resentencing with Waiver P47 11/1/2014
Criminal Prop 47 - Response to Resentencing Petition CRM206 11/1/2014
Criminal Request for Installment Payments & Bail Forfeiture – Non-Traffic CL2 4/01/2020
Criminal Prop 64 - DA Response to Petition CR-187R 11/14/2016
Criminal Prop 64 - Order After Petition CR-188 11/14/2016
Criminal Failure to Pay - Application FTPAPP 06/2021
Criminal Failure to Pay – Order FTPORD 06/2021
Criminal Failure to Pay – Checklist and Information Sheet FTPINFO 06/2021
Criminal Failure to Pay Packet (FTP) – Financial Declaration FIN-DEC 07/2017
Civil Order Appointing Court Investigator (Revised)
– Mandatory Form
PR2 7/1/2003
Civil Transfer of Personal Property Without Administration (PC 13101) – Optional Form PR3 7/1/2003
Traffic Request for Continuance - Traffic TR3 4/01/2020
Admin Request for Interpreter Services INT1 4/01/2020
Admin Records Request Form - Case Records CRRF 12/31/2019
Admin Records Request Form - Administrative Records 10.500 2/1/2024
Admin Appointed Counsel and Expert Invoice INV-AC 07/06/2020
Traffic Request for Continuance - Traffic (Juvenile) TR4 4/01/2020

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