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Remote Hearings

Effective July 1, 2022:

Emergency rules 3 and 5 of the California Rules of Court, which permit remote appearances under specified circumstances in criminal proceedings, will no longer be operable. 

Defendants and counsel may appear in misdemeanor and felony matters consistent with the requirements of Penal Code sections 977 and 977.2.  Other than as provided in Penal Code sections 977 and 977.2, remote appearances for a defendant can be authorized on a case-by-case basis only if: the remote appearance of the defendant is approved by the court in advance and counsel appears in court in accordance with the requirements of Penal Code section 977. 

All parties may appear in infraction matters consistent with the requirements of Penal Code section 1428.5.

Remote Hearings

(By phone or video). Submit a request to appear remotely to the appropriate courthouse:

Include your name, case number and time/date of your appearance. A clerk will contact you with the remote access information. If you are appearing by video, please read the Remote Hearing Process section at the bottom of this page.

Remote Video Hearing Process Using Zoom

Participating in your first remote Zoom video or audio conference can be intimidating, especially when it comes to legal matters. Fortunately, Zoom offers free training videos on the Zoom Training web page.

Once you have familiarized yourself with using Zoom, review the below Connection Guide for an overview of the remote hearing process. You can also review this Best Practices Guide for Remote Court Appearances for additional tips.

Connection Guide

  • Before the Hearing

    • Go to to familiarize yourself with how it works.
    • Download the free Zoom app to your computer or smartphone—no account is needed.
    • You can join the meeting with just a telephone—a computer is not required.
    • An email invitation will be sent with the Meeting ID, the Password, and the dial-in number.  Contact the court or your attorney if you do not receive this information.
  • Day of the Hearing

    • If you do not get an invitation, email the court or the attorney and they will provide you with the Meeting ID, Password and dial-in number.
    • No less than 5 minutes before the hearing, open the invitation and follow the instructions.  If you are joining by phone only, call the dial-in number.
    • Click the "join meeting" link or join the meeting by phone at least 5 minutes before you're scheduled to start. You can also join via Meeting ID—you will need the meeting password as well.
    • Please re-name yourself with your full name. 
  • Hearing Preparations

    • Make sure your battery-powered laptop or smartphone is either plugged in or has sufficient charge.
    • Test your camera and microphone ahead of time if you are joining by computer.  If joining by telephone, make sure you have the dial-in number, the Meeting ID and Password.
    • Be aware of your setting and background including sounds and pets—they can be distracting.
    • Dress appropriately—after all, you are in court!
  • During the Hearing

    • Upon joining the hearing all attendees are placed in a "waiting room".
    • When the judge is ready, you will be admitted into the hearing.
    • Mute your microphone unless speaking.
    • Hearings are prohibited from being recorded or broadcast except if done in compliance with California Rules of Court, rule 1.150.

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