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COVID-19 Update:

Pursuant to Executive Order 205, appropriate face coverings are currently strongly recommended. View updates related to COVID-19.

Electronic Document Filing

Electronic filing is available via email and Portal. An improved eFiling system is coming soon. 

Self-Represented Litigants

Email your documents to the applicable office listed below. If there is a filing fee required for your document(s), one of our clerks will contact you to arrange payment.

You may optionally drop off your documents at our drop box located just outside the Courthouse lobby.

Free Document Preparation websites


Attorneys on civil matters may email documents to the court's automated email submission addresses listed below. The format of the email must be as follows:

  • Email Subject = Case Number, Case Name
  • Email Attachment = Type of Filing, Case Name, date (indicate Correction if resending)
  • Body of Email = empty (the court does not monitor the email inbox for questions)

Civil Submission Addresses

Portal Submissions

Justice Partners and parties to Criminal cases may  submit documents for filing on the court's Portal. Exceptions to electronic filing pursuant to Local Rule of Court are available here

  • Criminal Cases - Attorneys and Self-Represented Litigants may submit filings
  • All Case Types - Justice Partners may submit filings

eFiling - Coming Soon

eFiling for the public and attorneys on all case types is coming soon. 

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