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Public Records and Documents

Adjudicative Records (Case Related)

General information about most non-confidential cases is provided free of charge on our On-Line Case Information portal. This system does not provide access to case "paper" documents such as pleadings, orders, petitions, citations, etc. For access to anything not available in the portal, you will need fill out an Adjudicative Records Search Request.

>> How to Submit a Case Related records request.

Administrative Records (Business related)

Judicial administrative records are those related to how a court manages public funds allocated to pay for its operational costs. Such records include, but are not limited to, baseline budget information, quarterly financial statements, revenue and reserve reports, copies of contracts with vendors and final audit reports. For access to anything a business related , you will need fill out a Records Search Request for Judicial Administrative records.

>> How to Submit a Judicial Administrative records request.

Access to Electronic Records

In accordance with rule 2.501 of the California Rules of Court, the Superior Court of Nevada County observes and adheres to the Access to Electronic Court Records guidelines as posted on the California Courts website.

Executive Orders

Executive Order 214 - Discharge and Dismissal of Overdue fines

Click Here

Executive Order 213 - Approving 2024 Uniform Bail & Penalty Schedule – Infraction & Misdemeanor Click Here
Executive Order 212 - Purchase Requisition and Contracting Approval Limits Click Here
Executive Order 211 - Placer County Juvenile Detention Facility Inspection 2023

Click Here

Executive Order 210 - Order Rescinding Executive Order 205

Click Here

Other public documents

California Rule of Court 10.620(f) Annual Allocation of Trial Court Budget by Judicial Council FY23-24

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Appointed Counsel and Expert Policy Click Here
Payee Data Record (in lieu of I9) - Print, sign and return to Court. Click Here
Staff Salary Schedule - (effective September 18, 2023)

Click Here

Court Access Acknowledgement - Sign and return to Court. Click Here

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