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eFiling Updates

As of March 1, our electronic filing methods have changed. Please review eFiling options here.


The Court is aware that a scammer is spoofing the court's telephone number and calling people claiming they are a Deputy from the US District Court. The recipients of the phone calls are told that they did not respond to a subpoena, and they need to post a bond or turn themselves into the Tahoe City Courthouse.  These calls are NOT affiliated with the court.


Do not visit any Nevada County Courthouse if you have recently tested positive for COVID-19; have had direct exposure to someone known to have COVID-19; or if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, headache or shortness of breath. Instead, contact your attorney or call the court at (530) 362-4309 to arrange an alternative.

Self-Help Center

Self-Help Center

The Self-Help Center provides legal and procedural information and assistance with court forms to self-represented litigants with cases in or who reside in Nevada County.

The Self-Help Center does not represent people in court and the services provided do not result in an attorney-client relationship. We cannot assist litigants who are represented by attorneys and our services are not confidential. We assist both sides of the case equally. To get legal advice or have a confidential conversation, you must speak with a private attorney.

All services of the Self-Help Center are free of charge.

The Self-Help Center / Family Law Facilitator / Small Claims Advisor / Law Library will be fully closed:

• January 28, 2022 for training. Normal office hours will resume on Monday, January 31, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

The Law Library and Self-Help Center / Family Law Facilitator staff will not be available on these days, either in person or remotely. Emails and voicemails will not be returned until the next normal office day at the earliest.

While we are out, you can still help yourself.

Self Help Resources

If you need assistance, you can contact:

Legal Services of Northern California (Auburn Office)
190 Reamer Street Auburn, CA 95603
Phone / Voice: 530-823-7560

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