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Court Operations Notice:

Effective June 6, 2022, the court's phone hours are Mon-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm. For faster service, please email the court at for the Nevada City clerk's office and for the Truckee clerk’s office. Due to staffing challenges, please expect longer wait times for processing of your documents.

COVID-19 Information:


Do not visit any Nevada County Courthouse if you have recently tested positive for COVID-19; have had direct exposure to someone known to have COVID-19; or if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, headache or shortness of breath. Instead, contact your attorney or call the court at (530) 362-4309 to arrange an alternative.

Media Relations


The Superior Court of California, County of Nevada has developed a policy intended to "strike a reasonable balance between the media’s interest in covering legal matters for the benefit of the public, and the rights of litigants, court personnel, defendants, alleged victims, attorneys, witnesses and the general public to a safe, convenient and fair disposition of a court proceeding."
We encourage all media representatives to read the Court's Media Policy prior to visiting the Courthouse.

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