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Visiting the Courthouse

Here are a few things to be aware of for a safe and convenient visit.

Court Security

As a matter of public safety, everyone entering a California Courthouse is required to pass through a weapons screening station. This includes passing through a walk-through metal detector and having all you hand-carried objects X-Rayed. Any items found in your possession that are considered a weapon or that could be used as a weapon will be confiscated if you choose to surrender the items, otherwise you will be allowed to leave and return without the items.

All courtrooms, hallways and offices are under 24/7 video surveillance. This system allows our security professionals to observe and respond to incidents in the most efficient manner. Video recordings of a specific incident may be requested for the purpose of further litigation, protection or to report a crime.

Courthouse Policies

Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the Courthouse. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes.

Eating, drinking, gum chewing and tobacco are prohibited in all courtrooms. Water may be provided at counsel table for the benefit of those participants during court proceedings including jurors, witnesses, counsel and litigants.

All persons (including counsel) in a courtroom must turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices and store them out of plain view. A party or counsel may request to use a tablet or laptop in the commission of presenting their case after obtaining the consent of the judicial officer.

Courtroom Calendars

After passing through the screening process, daily calendars can be found on Display Terminals (TVs) in each lobby and throughout the courthouse. Simply locate your name (or litigant name) and you can see the time of appearance, courtroom number and floor. Printed calendars will also be posted at the entry to most courtrooms containing up-to-the-minute calendar. If you cannot locate your case on either of these, please visit the Clerks Office in Truckee or the corresponding office in Nevada City: Criminal/Traffic - Suite 7, all others Suite 5.

Courthouse policies are displayed along the bottom of the screen.

Dress and Decorum

Attorneys and court personnel shall be dressed in business attire. Other individuals in the courtroom shall be dressed in business or casual dress.

Shoes must be worn. Hats are not permitted (except when worn for religious purposes). Glasses with darkened lenses are not permitted (except when worn for medical reasons). The court may also prohibit the wearing or displaying of clothing, tattoos, or other items that could reasonably be considered to intimidate witnesses or others present.

Persons who are not dressed in proper attire, as determined by the judicial officer, will be required to remove or adjust the inappropriate attire or leave and return at on a new date specified by the court.

No one may create any disturbance in the courtroom while court is in session.

Communication with inmates is prohibited.

Presentation Equipment

For the convenience of presenting evidence and other media, each Courtrooms is equipped with a digital display (accepts VGA input) & VCR/DVD player. A portable LCD projector (VGA) is also available as needed.

In Nevada City, a "public use" media cart is available to litigants or attorneys and includes 40" Display,PC w/Office & PowerPoint, DVD/CD player. The court assumes no liability for loss or damage caused by use of the media cart.

The Court provides this equipment as a convenience to all parties. The Court does not provide technical support on the media cart or with connecting personal equipment to equipment in Courtrooms.

Wi-Fi Access

The Superior Court provides free guest Wi-Fi access for the convenience of our visitors. For instructions and passwords, visit the Self-Help Center in Nevada City or the Clerk’s Office in Truckee.

Special Note to Jurors: You will be advised by the judge not to perform research by any means against the case you have been assigned. This includes using our free Wi-Fi service to gain access to outside information services and electronic mail.

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