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The Court is aware that a scammer is spoofing the court's telephone number and calling people claiming they are a Deputy from the US District Court. The recipients of the phone calls are told that they did not respond to a subpoena, and they need to post a bond or turn themselves into the Tahoe City Courthouse.  These calls are NOT affiliated with the court.

COVID-19 Update:

Pursuant to Executive Order 205, appropriate face coverings are strongly recommended at the Nevada City and Truckee Courthouses. View updates related to COVID-19.


Do not visit any Nevada County Courthouse if you have recently tested positive for COVID-19; have had direct exposure to someone known to have COVID-19; or if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, headache or shortness of breath. Instead, contact your attorney or call the court at (530) 362-4309 to arrange an alternative.

Submit a Complaint

Submit a Complaint to the Grand Jury

The Grand Jury receives numerous citizen complaints throughout the year. Every complaint is carefully reviewed by the Jury and a determination is made regarding jurisdiction. If jurisdiction is confirmed and the complaint warrants investigation, it is assigned to the appropriate committee.

The committee will investigate the complaint with oversight by the Jury. At times, ad hoc committees may be formed to investigate specific complaints. The Jury is kept informed of the progress of the investigation. A written report regarding a specific complaint may be published and included in the Final Report.

Your confidentiality will be rigorously protected!

Online Complaint Form

All complaints will be acknowledged promptly

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