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Restraining Orders

Which Kind of Restraining Order Do I Need?

A Restraining Order is an order issued by the Court to protect a person from harm or harassment.

There are several types of Restraining Orders.  Use this table to find out which one best fits your situation. 

People Type of Restraining Order
Family members, current or former individuals with whom you have
been intimate or had a relationship
Domestic Violence Restraining Order
You are over the age of 65 and there are allegations of
physical, financial or emotional/psychological abuse
Elder / Dependent Abuse

Neighbor, distant relative, or other unrelated person

Civil Harassment Order

Workers and/or managers Workplace Violence

You may also use this interview to help you find which type of restraining order best fits for your situation:
Which Kind of Restraining Order Do I Need?

What is the next step?

  • If a Restraining Order has been made against you, then effective right away you cannot own or possess firearms or ammunition.  If you have firearms or ammunition, you must turn them in to law enforcement or a licensed gun dealer within 24 hours of being served with the order.  You cannot give them to a friend or family member.  You will also need to fill out and file form DV-800 with the court to show that you complied with this order.  You can read about this online at How to obey orders prohibiting firearms and ammunition | California Courts | Self Help Guide.
  • Filing and Responding to Other Types of Restraining Orders:
    Go to the Forms and Packets page and download the Form Packet that best fits your situation (Workplace Violence, School Violence).

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